Gulfport Man Fulfills Dream Of Spreading Good News

A dream of spreading a message about good news has turned into reality for one Gulfport business owner. And Eddie Corley says it all started with a song.

"He would show me how to play the boogie woogie, and that was my first song. I remember being on the piano. Every day I came home from school, I would be on that piano learning how to play. When I get through playing, automatically an idea would come. I would find a solution," says Corley.

The Gulfport man says that's what led him and his wife to start spreading the Good News, 18 years ago.

"We could print bad news. We hear so much more of that, but we don't want to get thrown off track. Sometimes you have to take the bad news and turn it into positive news," says Louise Corley.

The couple, married for 20 years, prints the monthly publication, but it doesn't end there. They also own an art boutique and a wellness center. Three booming business ventures they say came from a hope and a prayer.

"He is a very ambitious man. I didn't realize I was going to be involved in so many different things, but as I got to be in there with him, I really enjoy it," says Louise Corley.

Now, as a nation continues to mark achievements of African-Americans, Eddie Corley says he will continue to write his own chapter in history one article at a time.

"We have many African-Americans who have achieved and I love to be a part of that," says Corley.

The Good News is published on the 15th of every month.