Groups Help 100 Families Move Back Home In 100 Days

It's a huge undertaking, but five non-profit groups are working together to rebuild or remodel 100 homes in 100 days. The Red Cross, Salvation Army, Mississippi Home Again, The Jackson County Community Service Coalition and "Hope Has a Face" announced the new initiative in Pascagoula Monday.

"We are going to help renovate the area with some hope and some construction," Jackson  County Community Service Coalition Director Jim Yancey said.

Jim Yancey is with one of the five groups that have come together with $2 million to begin the job of putting 100 Pascagoula families back into homes. The work will be concentrated in one of Pascagoula's hardest hit areas.

Cardis Knowles lives there, and said Katrina clobbered the home his family moved into just seven months before. The family has been in a FEMA trailer since.

"To be cramped in that trailer so long, it is totally different than being in a home. And I just hope I can get my home rebuilt so my kids can have some stability."

Knowles and his neighbors will soon get letters explaining the 100 homes program, and how to find out if they qualify for help.

"They will have a case worker to work them through the process, but they do have to qualify," Mississippi Home Again Director Tammy Agard said.

Some homes will be remodeled, others completely rebuilt.

"We are going to lean on modular, but there will also be stick built and what I called kit stick built houses," Hope Has A Face Director Keith Canfield said.

A hundred homes in just as many days equals a lot of man power. That's something organizers say they still need, along with material and money.

"We are talking about 100 houses where the families can move back in and experience a new sense of wholeness," Red Cross Director Paige Roberts said.

Completing the whole project in just 100 days is a tall order, but one Tammy Agard believes can be done.

"Oh it is very possible, but ask me in 99 days."

The homes are expected to be finished by the 4th of July.