Lunar New Year Celebrations Continue In East Biloxi

The Vietnamese Martyr Church in East Biloxi hosted a festival today to close out a week worth's of Lunar new year festivities.

Food and fun reigned at the festival.  Even the tiniest tots got in on the action. "It's always a good show up every year. Plus the live music and the food is amazing and that people came from all over just to get the food every year," says Tuyen Tran.

There was no shortage of activities to chose from. While some enjoyed crawfish  others rolled the dice and tried their hand at some Black Jack and Bah Cwah, a game that drew quite a few young betters to the table.

But according to some people, the best part is that the festival is free. "We can do anything and everything free," says Ha Tran.

Celebrating the resilience of a group of people who still stand strong despite losing so much in Katrina gives many who came out a reason to celebrate the new year.

"Just to know that the Vietnamese community is still strong in Biloxi since what happened in Katrina. Most of our houses were wiped out. Just seeing everybody together just felt like a real community again," says Tuyen Tran.