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Ocean Springs Finances...A Matter Of Semantics

Eleven new Ocean Springs police cars sit, unmarked and without any equipment. Chief Kerry Belk says that has nothing to do with cash shortages. Belk says the cars arrived a month earlier than expected, and by law, some of the equipping of the cars has to be bidded out. "We wanna make sure we get the biggest bang for our buck in this economy so we're makin' sure we shop around and we can get these things done at a cost that's gonna help us out here in the city," says Belk. Belk expects the cars to be rolling by the end of the month.

Alderman Danny Jalanivich says cash is tight but he says there's money in the water and sewer fund to help until property taxes come in. "If we got 750-thousand dollars in the bank in one account that we can use elsewhere I don't understand why that hadn't been mentioned and we hadn't used it elsewhere. We shouldn't have purchase orders sittin' on a desk not being issued because we've been told we have a money problem when we got 750, 500-thousand, whatever in an account," says Jalanivich.

 City Clerk Adrienne Howell says there is 750-thousand dollars in the water and sewer fund and aldermen can vote to put some of the money in the general fund and use tax collections to pay it back. "I have not recommended to do that. I feel like the general fund needs to be accountable for its own expenditures and that's the way the law's set up for it to do," says Howell. Howell says the money crunch will ease up this week when the city gets 3-hundred thousand dollars in property taxes collected over the last month. Another similar payment is expected by January 20th.

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