Turkey Creek Residents Get Help Restoring & Preserving Their Community

Cleaning up a community while preserving history is the mission driving a group of volunteers as they help restore the Turkey Creek community, founded by freed slaves in 1866.

"In order to really understand an area and understand the culture, you have to look at all of it and all the different people - the black communities, the white communities and everybody together and you can't eliminate parts of it. You have to keep all of it together to see the whole picture," says volunteer Susan Randolph.

Seeing the whole picture through someone else's lens is what motivated the youth group of 60 volunteers outside of Boston, Massachusetts to come down.

"Our town is kind of like a bubble. It's all like a homogenous people. It's really good to be coming down here and doing this work. I think it really opened our eyes," says Randolph.

They wanted to help rebuild an area they felt truly needed attention.

"This specific Turkey Creek has kind of been abandoned a little bit," says Randolph.

"It's been surreal because you feel guilty because you have no idea what they're going through," says Carina Araujo - Lane.

"Getting to see the people we are helping and seeing their reactions and how appreciative they are... that really gives us meaning to what we're doing," says Jay Sprague, volunteer.

They saw this first hand as Tamara Martin, the daughter of the home's owner, came by to thank the volunteers.

"It's great to see that people have hearts and come down and take time out of their busy schedule just do something so sweet and so nice. I really appreciate that and I know my mom would tell them that," says Tamara Martin.

But these volunteers say it's people like Martin and her mother they thank for allowing them to come down to help. A lot of us have had life-changing experiences down here that's really impacted us," says Alex Wood.

The group worked on nine houses throughout the course of a week. The Mount Pleasant United Methodist Church hosted a farewell fellowship Saturday night for the volunteers.