Prosecution Won't Seek Death Penalty Against Teel

According to Ryan Teel's defense attorney, the government has advised him it won't seek the death penalty against the former Harrison County jailer. Jim Davis told he filed a motion asking that Teel be let out of jail on bond until his trial. Davis isn't sure when his client's motion will be heard.

Teel is accused of the 2006 beating death of inmate Jessie Lee Williams.

Since the February 4, 2006 incident, five jailers have pleaded guilty to inmate beatings at the Harrison County jail. At those hearings, the government told the federal judge it had proof that some of those defendants either participated in, or knew about as many as 100 jail abuse cases. The guilty pleas of Regina Rhodes and Morgan Thompson were linked to the Williams case. Former jailers Dedri Caldwell, Thomas Wills and William Priest pleaded guilty to other beating incidents.

As part of their plea agreements, the ex-jailers agreed to supply evidence to prosecutors about other inmate abuse cases, including the Williams incident.  They aren't expected to be sentenced until after the Teel case is heard.

Teel's trial is supposed to begin the week of May 28th.