Plans In Place To Restore Old Pascagoula High School

Alumni of Pascagoula High School have one wish for their old high school, now boarded up and sitting dormant.

"We want to be able to use this building. That's the main thing, use this building," says Nancy Coon, alumna.

Coon is a member of PHS square, a group of about 70 alumni from Pascagoula High School.  PHS square might soon see their dream of a restored Pasacagoula High realized.  But, it won't be exactly how it used to be when they walked the halls.

Steve Nail, President of Intervest, has plans to turn old high school classrooms into apartments to house 60 seniors. Nail says it's been a six year process trying to get the project to this point.  He says tax and historic credits will help foot the bill, making affordable housing for seniors a reality in Pascagoula.

"With all of those ingredients we'll be able to provide good housing at a fair price," says Steve Nail, Intervest, president.

A one bedroom apartment could cost between $550 and $650. But, senior living isn't the only plan in store for this high school now listed on the National Register of Historical Places.  Nail's plans also include restoring the auditorium. There's already a $300,000 grant in place to restore the roof and windows to their original, historic form.

"It can be used for family reunions, dance recitals and plays.  Our new high school doesn't even have a stage. We are looking forward to our school system utilizing it also," says Coon.

Renovations to the building could start as early as this summer if the tax credit application is approved.

"I think it's going to be a great benefit for the city. It's going to fulfill a need. In the long run, I think people are going to say it was a good thing that we didn't tear that building down and preserved it," says Nail.