Judge Sets Ground Rules For Hearing

Judge L.T. Senter, Junior set some ground rules Wednesday for the dozens of attorneys and citizens who want to be heard on the State Farm settlement issue.

Judge Senter's order says, "The courtroom will not be a forum for attacks on any party or counsel. This hearing will not allow for any subject, person or corporation to be fair game for any behavior or statement that is frivolous, scurrilous or meant to harass. While comments are expected from non-members of the bar, the proceedings will be controlled by the Court's rules and direction.

"The court looks forward to a meaningful and professional discussion of the overall goal: to determine if a fair, balanced and reasonable settlement can be reached."

The judge says the ruling also applies to another class action hearing set for the same day.

Remember, there is still time to ask the court for a chance to testify. You must must petition the court by this Friday, February 23rd.

Click here to see the forms you need to fill out and return to federal court. You can also pick up a petition at the federal courthouse in Gulfport.