Biloxi Business Owner Hopes To Inspire Others Through Hard Work

The joys of coffee.  That's what owner Joy Young wants her customers to experience every time they walk into her Biloxi coffee shop. The energetic young business owner opened the restaurant just three years ago and it has already become a Gulf Coast favorite.

"The first day we were in, we met her," customer Theresa Range remembers. "She was doing the little taste testing with the customers that were in here. There was only a handful of us in that day and she gave us free samples and all of that."

Along with a list of coffee favorites, pastries and even drinks for the non-coffee drinkers, customers say they also enjoy the ambiance of restaurant. That's just what the business owner was hoping for.

"We wanted people to sit awhile, so to speak. I wanted people to feel like they were at home. I wanted to give them something that made them comfortable so that when they walked in the door, it calms them," says Joy Young.

However, Young says the decision to open the business wasn't all about coffee and customers.

"The key for me when I opened up my business was to teach my daughter that you are only as great as you allow yourself to be. So if you want to achieve greatness, be great. You don't have to put yourself in a box," says Young.

It's a lesson she hopes all African-Americans can take note of, this black history month.

"We can open all kinds of businesses. We can be the next Starbucks, we can be anything that we aspire to be," says Young.

The Joys of Coffee is located on Pass Road near Keesler Air Force Base.