Day After Fat Tuesday Means Trash Patrol

Bags and buckets are all this crew needs.

Sand Beach workers spend Wednesday morning scouring the grounds near the lighthouse,  snagging broken beads and assorted party trash.

"You know, it's this way every year you know," said Richard Meadows.

Meadows and his sand beach workers cover the median and street shoulders like a colony of anxious ants.

"I'd say we got about maybe twenty. Twenty guys. It's pretty messy man, pretty messy."

Wednesday's showers make for a soggy mess this post-Mardi Gras. And it's not just trash pickers with a day-after clean-up assignment.

While street sweepers tidy up one stretch of parade route, the city's barricade brigade picks up dozens of the metal barriers.

Metal of a different sort, is of interest to D. Willie Golsby.

"I help with the clean-up," he says, tossing a bag filled with cans into the back of his pickup.

His specific interest is all those discarded aluminum cans. Recyclers are paying premium prices.

"I think they told me Goldin was paying 75 cents for them, a pound. So, if it is, I'll be there," he said, smiling.

You can also bet the clean-up crew will be there every year.  As long as there's a celebration on Fat Tuesday, expect a trail of trash the day after.

"Got to come down here and pick it up."