M&M Bank Prepares For Opening In Pascagoula

Heavy lifting might not look like fun, but in his 37 years with M&M Bank, James Watkins says he couldn't be happier.

"I am so excited. Words cannot describe what it means to move in," Watkins said.

And there's a lot of moving still ahead to fill M&M Bank's new 40,000 square foot facility.

Bank President Royce Cumbest promises customers won't experience any moving pains, but they will enjoy all the amenities of the new $7 million bank.

"We've got the porches, the balconies, it's a modern facility. The ATMs, the drive up windows, four lanes through there. A lot of new technology," Cumbest said.

Since banks often serve as the center of a community, some say M&M Bank's recovery parallels their customers' own recovery stories.

"We give them kind of a hope or confidence in rebuilding Jackson County and rebuilding Pascagoula. They have a lot to look forward to in seeing a new bank built, regardless of how bad Katrina was to us," Watkins said.

And when all the boxes are unpacked and the desks arranged, M&M Bank will be ready to serve a recovering community bigger and better than ever. That's a day that Watkins says he'll never forget.

"I don't want to be in my office. I want to go watch the customers when they come in. That will mean more to me, to see them look at the beautiful facility."

Senator Lott will also have an office in the bank building. M&M Bank is expected to open in early March.