Beer Sales Crackdown

It appears clerks are getting tougher on checking IDs, Mississippi Attorney General Mike Moore says. During 2001, the attorney general's office sent minors aged 15 to 19 into convenience stores and grocery stores around the state. The 7,165 checks resulted in 1,036 beer sales to minors, or a 14 percent rate. The buy rate was 34 percent in May 2000, Moore said Monday in releasing the figures.

Moore said the report suggests the buy rate is down by 50 percent at bars in college towns since his office first started the checks. In January 2001, Moore said 38 bars in seven areas of the state were checked and 12 bars, or 32 percent, sold to minors. In October, 45 bars were checked in the same locations and 13 bars, or 29 percent, sold to minors, he said.

The first series of bar checks in September 2000, revealed that 57 percent sold to minors.