Gemini Night Parade Rolls in Gulfport

Parade-goers in Gulfport made sure the Carnival season went out with a bang. Thousands of people lined the streets of downtown Gulfport for tonight's Gemini parade.

"I come here every year. We love it," said one masked parade-goer.

People from all walks of life turned out for the Gemini parade, but everyone shared the same goal--racking up on the beads. Some revelers went to extremes.

Lunging for beads in her stiletto boots wasn't easy for Rachelle Gaston, but she says it's all part of her strategy for getting beads.

"You've got to dress up the most crazy that you can, get the most beads you can, and scream a lot. It's just a party, man!" she said.

The most regally dressed parade attendee was Donna Holcomb, Queen of this year's Gemini parade. She was flanked by King David Gibbons and other members of the royal court. They, too, were hustling to get beads.

"It's so great after Katrina to be able to have a crowd like this, and it just feels like Mardi Gras should be, with the kids and bringing all age groups together to be able to have fun. I'm so glad we were able to have a day and a night parade this year, so we can let everybody in Gulfport know we're back. The Krewe of Gemini is here to stay," Holcomb said.