Biloxi Police Urge Parade Goers To Arrive Early, Follow The Rules

If you're going to the Biloxi parade Tuesday, police urge you to get there early. They'll start blocking roadways about noon. Also remember, don't bring glass containers to the parade, and don't drink and drive.

Here are three other "don'ts" that officer Jackie Rhodes shared with us on Good Morning Mississippi.

"Don't park in illegal parking spaces. Don't park close to the railroad tracks. Don't bring any animals of any kind. The only animals allowed in the parade are horses or animals that are participating in the parade. Those are the only one's that are allowed," Rhodes said.

According to Officer Rhodes, people with campers can park them overnight at the Porter Avenue lighthouse parking lot.

Biloxi wants you to have a good time at Fat Tuesday's parade, but they also want you to obey Biloxi laws.