Ocean Springs Road Construction Back Underway

The return to construction work on highway 90 won't come too soon for many drivers.

"It's been pretty heavy," motorist Tommy Wallace said. "Traffic is always slow, late afternoons you can't get through the traffic lights, it's pretty backed up."

"It's hard to maneuver, especially at night time," Linda Abel said. "I feel like they have gotten to a standstill on it. Every time I've come through here, nothing has changed."

Nothing has changed because several weeks ago, Mallatte Brothers Construction left the project to work on another one, saying to remain profitable the company must work on more than one contract at a time.

"If your money's not there, you don't have the capital to run your job, then you have to go pull off to do other jobs," contractor Eddie Gibson said.

Gibson said that it's a necessity for construction companies to be working multiple jobs.

"You go out and you under bid it. You'll take a job, and you'll need to slow up on this job, to move to another job, to pull enough money to finish this job, and your other job."

For a city that continues to grow, so must the roads, inconvenience or not. In the meantime, motorists will be stuck in traffic.

"I would hope that they would get the road construction done as fast as possible, so there is as little of that waiting around in traffic as possible," motorist Micah Bakenhaster said.

But rushing a job could leave taxpayers stuck with annual street repair bills for years because of poor road construction by developers.

"It's necessary, that's all i can tell you, and people need to put up with it, as much as they can put up with it," Gibson said.

Hopefully, smoother traffic is down the road. The project is expected to be complete by September.