Jackson County Supervisors Should Place Gaming Referendum On The Fall Ballot

Why is it so complicated to get an issue on a Jackson County ballot?

A group of ministers wants Jackson County residents to vote on whether the Choctaw Indian tribe should be allowed to operate a casino in that county. Remember the vote would be non-binding and would only let leaders know the feelings of voters in that county.

Sounds simple enough. But now the supervisors are going to ask the state legislature to pass a local and private bill that would allow such an election.

Why? Surely legislators have more important issues to handle than whether a non-binding election is held in a county?

The state attorney general's office has already said, unofficially, that it thought it would be fine for the supervisors to place this on the ballot.

Come on supervisors, place the issue on the fall ballot. After all, the Choctaws, local ministers, and a group called Coast Businesses for Fair Play all want a referendum.

Do the right thing Jackson County. Hold the referendum.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV Station Manager