Gemini Day Parade Rolls in Gulfport

Thousands lined the streets for the Gemini Day Parade.

Bob Blackwelder was one of many faces in the crowd. He's a contractor from Fort Worth, Texas, but has been working in South Mississippi since the storm. This marked the Texan's first Mardi Gras experience.

"You folks need a purpose to celebrate from what you've been through, and I just want to make sure there's a way I can be in it," Blackwelder says.

And while people in the crowd were fighting for beads and moon pies, this Texas contractor brought a flavor of his own to the Mardi Gras festivities in Gulfport.

"We've got some short ribs. We've got briskets. We've got chicken, and we've got some stuffed jalepeno peppers, and some deer backs from my ranch in Texas," Blackselder says.

The Gemini Day Parade has become a family tradition for the Meadows family.

"This is my nineteenth year doing this corner, and we feed, it's like a class reunion. We see people we haven't seen in 20 years, and I get everybody together, call on the phone and organize this," Randy Meadows says.

Whether first-timers or old pros, the Mardi Gras madness seemed to capture everyone at the Gemini Day Parade.