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Girl Scouts Start 2002 Cookie Sales

Thin mints or Do-Si-Dos? You could soon be faced with this difficult decision.

Saturday was the official start to the 2002 Girl Scout Cookie Sale. All along the coast little girls will be setting up in front of stores and going door to door selling tasty treats. Brownie Troop 336 got a few last minute pointers before heading out for the big cookie sale.

"You want to make sure you get everybody's name phone number and address and what kind of cookies they want," troop leader Julie Appel told the girls.

Then the 7-year-olds were ready to hit the streets. Order forms in hand, the Brownies made their way down the block practicing their sales pitch.

"It's fun to go from house to house because it makes you feel good to be giving people cookies and helping the community with your money," said Carlie Boone, a Brownie.

Some parents say the sweetest part of selling door to door isn't the cookies but the lesson the girls learn about showing initiative. Eddie Appel walked along side his three daughters and the rest of the troop. He hopes they will take this experience them throughout their lives.

"I think the world is a place where women and girls have to get out there, and it's an important part of building their self esteem," Appel said.

For the girls, it's just about having fun and getting to know their community one neighbor at a time. Officials say cookie orders should arrive on Feb. 11th.

By Danielle Thomas

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