Woman Donates Monument To Firefighters

Lisa Vander Pole first saw the flag raising replica at a Pass Christian flea marke, and she knew right away she wanted one for her hometown fire department.

"When I seen it, it just hit home, it just made us think how much we appreciate our firemen in our community and what they do for our community and with the children of our community and it's just to show appreciation that they are thought of and they are appreciated for what they do," Vander Pole says.

The wooden firefighters that are permanently displayed in front of the Long Beach Fire Department are the creation of Don Hahn of Pass Christian. Hahn has made wood crafts most of his life and gets his patterns from a monthly catalog. He says Vander Pole's order was the first time someone had asked for the firefighters.

"It was nice to be able to have somethin' available that we do so people can show their appreciation to the police and fire departments," says Hahn.

Long Beach firefighters say it was a nice gesture too, and is one more show of strong public support since September 11th. Firefighter Jerry Dubuisson says, "The guys, when we saw it we just kinda stepped back from it for a minute and went wow. What it's depicting, the placement of that American flag that we've all rallied around especially since 9-11, just very, very emotional for a lot of the guys."

The firefighters say putting their lives on the line is just part of the job. Still they say Vander Pole's thoughtfulness is much appreciated.