School Children Shake And Shiver In The Cold

It's 7:30 in the morning, and temperatures are below freezing. Fourteen-year-old Jason McNew is the first to arrive at the bus stop at the corner at Red Oak Drive and Demaret in Gulfport.

Jason is only wearing a t-shirt, with a short-sleeved shirt over it. Jason says he's just a little bit cold. He forgot his jacket at home, but decided not to go back and get it.

As other students show up at the bus stop, they too, are amazed at Jason's wardrobe. Emorie Jones says she knows he's freezing inside.

But Jason is not the only one who left the house in summer clothes. One girl wore sandals because she says they're more comfortable than tennis shoes. However, she is wearing socks, which helps keep her feet warm.

Other students made sure they bundled-up for this frigid morning. Angela Gut says she watched WLOX weather and realized she needed to wear something heavy, because it's really cold outside. Jasmine Barnes says she went outside to see how cold it was, and told her mom about it. So her mom made her wear a jacket before she walks out the door.

Emorie Jones also wore her jacket. With a shaking voice, Emorie explains that she's carrying a second jacket, because it helps keep her hands warm.

After 30 minutes of shivering in the cold, the students finally catch a glimpse of the school bus. They quickly hop aboard to get a little relief from the bone-chilling temperatures. The students say they are thankful that the bus has heat, their school building is warm and they don't have to walk to school.