Taylor Says of State Farm: "That's Not the Kind of Company We Need"

U.S. Representative Gene Taylor has been one of the most outspoken critics of the insurance industry since Hurricane Katrina. So his comments on State Farm's decision not to write any new business or homeowner policies in Mississippi should come as no surprise.

Taylor told WLOX News, "Don't let the screen door hit them on their rear end. As horribly as they've treated the people of South Mississippi, taking a decade's worth of premiums and kicking people when they were down, that's not the kind of company we need doing business in South Mississippi."

The 4th District congressman has requested a Congressional investigation of the insurance industry. He's even asking Katrina victims to send him their "insurance horror stories." (Click here to learn more about sending your story to Rep. Taylor.)

Taylor feels Wednesday's announcement by State Farm may help coast residents in the long run.

"It helps to build my case why we need federal regulation, all perils insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program, and to take away their anti-trust exemption that they have used to abuse people," Taylor said.