Biloxi Council Gets Input on Land Development Ordinance

Dozens of citizens turned out for the special meeting in Biloxi Tuesday night. They gave their opinions on possible amendments, including height restrictions for buildings and green space requirements.

Attorney Mike Kavanaugh urged the council to amend the ordinance as soon as possible so potential developers can move forward. One outspoken resident suggested sending out surveys before making changes to the ordinance.

"We're swamped by people not wanting to follow the Land Development Ordinance. We just went through it three or four years ago, with citizen input, a lot of fine tuning, and blood, sweat and tears, and now we have an LDO, the problem is, the developers don't want to follow it," one resident said.

Another resident said, "I personally do not want to see any high rise structures taller than 30 floors, stories on the beachfront, with the exception of the property of Broadwater, the downtown Biloxi district and the Point."

Developer Mike Boudreaux also gave his input.

"These projects, these are the four areas that are concerns: height, density, ratio and parking. I also believe the land development ordinance that we have is very good ordinance that does need tweaking, that doesn't mean major tweaking, but these areas are the ones that consistently come up," he said.

Council members say they'll take Tuesday night's comments under consideration. The council did not outline any specific amendments they'd like to see made.

Mayor A.J. Holloway also suggested putting together a survey so residents can give their input on how high buildings can be built.

The council also tabled the mayor's request to put up $2.5 million to match funds from the Mississippi Development Authority. The money is earmarked to build a park and visitors center near the lighthouse.

The Council is planning on taking up these and other matters at a meeting on Monday.