Severe Weather Causes Damage in Orange Grove

Downed trees, overturned appliances, and loose siding. Those are examples of what severe weather left behind in this Orange Grove apartment complex off O'Neal Road.

Apartment Manager Becky Brupbacker remembers the early morning wake-up call well.

"I can sleep in the rain, but this morning was a little scary, you know with the high wind."

In fact, the wind was so bad, Brupbacker says she had to fight to keep her own back door closed during the storm.

"Well, I had to put a chair under my doorknob because my door was shaking so bad I just thought the wind was going to topple it in," says Brupbacker.

Outside however, the howling winds were enough to bring down trees -- both dead and alive. Shingles and fascia boards were all that came off these roofs. But it was a different picture, just around the corner at a house in the Northwood Hills Subdivision.

Homeowner Fay Odom recalls what she heard, saying, "Well, I knew it was raining and lightening, and actually I thought lightening had hit the house."

The damage to Odom's roof and fence suggests a tornado may have actually passed over her house.

She says, "It took most of the roof off the back bedroom and took all the patio covering off, and our bedroom is leaking."

A close call, a mess to clean up, but fortunately no one was hurt.