The Rush Is On To Protect Homes From Winter Chill

Walk into most home stores this week and you'll find plenty of customers in the winter supply aisle. Space heaters seem to be in hot demand.

Robert Pino is the assistant manager at Lowe's in Gulfport. He says the store has been very busy. It has sold out of a lot of different heater models. There are a few left, but they're going pretty quick.

John and Kathy Johnson are searching for a heater for one of the rooms in their Vancleave home. The Johnsons say now that winter has finally arrived, they're finding that one room is about 15 degrees cooler than the rest of the house. They're looking for a heater and some insulation to try to warm up that area.

Others are buying heaters because the heating system in their house is not strong enough to chase away the chill. Shoppers are also snatching up products to protect their homes on the outside, from foam sealants to faucet insulators.

Lonny Johnson says he's buying insulation to protect the water pipes at his house. He's trying to winterize it in preparation for the freeze that's coming in. Johnny Neumeyer says he's wrapping pipes and insulating his house, unfortunately, at the last minute.

Another thing that many people wait until the very last minute to do is weather-stripping their doors and windows. The experts say you don't have to wait until it turns cold to start weather-proofing your house.

Robert Pino says it's best to start early. Insulating pipes can be done pretty much anytime. It's actually better to do it while the weather is still warm, because some supplies do run out. Also, you don't have to go out in the chilly weather to get the job done.

John Johnson says he's waited a little bit too long, thinking the winter weather wasn't going to get here. But now that it has arrived, it's time to get busy.

You should also think about protecting your cars during these chilly months. Putting anti-freeze in your radiator, can prevent the engine from freezing.

By: Trang Pham-Bui