Barbour Announces His Re-Election Bid

Governor Haley Barbour says that while the state has made tremendous progress the last three years, a lot remains to be done. Monday morning in Gulfport, Barbour and his wife Marsha were at Trinity Yachts so the governor could officially announce his candidacy for re-election.

The governor touted job creation and the state's hurricane recovery efforts as two of his administration's major successes.

"The coast and south Mississippi have made tremendous progress since the storm," the governor told supporters and Trinity employees during his five minute speech.

"Even at a record pace, it's never fast enough to suit me. And despite all our great people have accomplished, there is still a mighty tall mountain in front of us. Marsha and I ask you to let us lead our state over that mountain."

The backdrop for the governor's kickoff was a yacht being built by 800 Trinity workers. Trinity Yachts was one of the companies that moved to Mississippi after the hurricane.

"After losing 38,000 jobs during the previous four years," Barbour said, "Mississippi has had a net gain of 35,000 jobs in the last three years, despite Katrina."

The governor said he chose Gulfport for his first campaign kickoff speech, because in his words, "I'm on hurricane duty. And it just seemed appropriate after the last year and a half as much time as Marsha and I have spent down here, that instead of announcing in Yazoo City like I did four years ago, that this was the appropriate place to start."

Barbour is the first republican to announce his intentions to run for governor.