Investigators Find The Cause Of A Fatal Fire In Ocean Springs

Investigators say a toaster caused the trailer fire that claimed the life of Ryan Kirby and his 3-year-old son Seth Friday night.  According to Ocean Springs Police Captain Louie Miller,  it was not an electrical malfunction with the kitchen appliance.

Miller says they now believe a hamburger bun lodged in a toaster sparked the fire. Investigators say that because the toaster could not "pop" the bread out, it overheated, causing the cabinets above to catch on fire.

They believe the father and son were in the bedroom when the fire occurred. Jackson County Coroner Vicky Broadus confirms that both died from smoke inhalation.

Captain Miller and the Ocean Springs Fire Department are making these suggestions:

Every home, apartment, or trailer should have at least two working smoke detectors. Change the batteries in those detectors when you change the time on your clock, like for Daylight Savings and invest in a fire extinguisher. Police say it's cheaper than the damage from a fire.

Also, police say to develop a game plan. Sit down with your family and come up with a safe meeting place away from the home so everyone knows what to do in an emergency.