Trailer Fire Claims Lives Of Ocean Springs Father and Son

Fire scene tape surrounds the outside of an Ocean Springs trailer, which looks untouched. But the tragedy that occurred within its walls Friday night has left a family in shock.

"No words to describe it," grandmother Anna Kirby says as she holds back tears.

Anna Kirby was Ryan Kirby's grandmother and 3-year old Seth Kirby's great-grandmother.

She's also their next door neighbor at Highland Trailer Park and was the last person to see the two Friday night.

"I saw him through the window, and Ryan was sittin on the couch and Seth was up playing with him. I waved at him and I threw him a kiss and he threw a kiss back at me. And I was telling my son this morning, and he said, Mom, you got the last kiss," she says.

Ocean Springs Police Captain Louie Miller says the state Fire Marshall spent all day investigating the fire. Preliminary evidence has already given them clues.

"We feel 100 percent confident that the fire started somewhere in the kitchen area, somewhere on the kitchen counter," Capt. Miller says.

He says investigators believe the Kirby's were in the bedroom, and did have smoke detectors.

But thick smoke was too much for the concealed walls of the trailer.

"It actually burned itself out because it had no oxygen to accelerate it. I don't think they even had to put water on it," he says.

Investigators are still determining if the fire was appliance related. Mrs. Kirby says there's no doubt she'll always remember Ryan's last kiss, and Seth's sweet spirit.

"He was a jewel. He was just so cute and so smart," she says of great-grandson Seth. "Ryan, he was so sweet. He'd do anything in the world for you.

According to Ocean Springs Police Captain Louis Miller, an anonymous person did try to rescue Ryan and Seth Kirby last night, pulling the two out from the smoke filled trailer but Miller says it was too late.  Jackson County Coroner Vicky Broadus says the autopsies on Ryan and Seth should be completed tomorrow.

By Keli Rabon