Two Gulfport Men Charged With Murder

Twenty six year old Aarien Jorna Burks, and 21 year old William Lloyd Henderson, both of Gulfport, are charged with two counts of capital murder 66 year old Phil Deming and 68 year old Elisabeth New of Gulfport.

Deming and New were found dead in a FEMA trailer Park off Canal Road in Gulfport. Harrison County Coroner Gary Hargrove says Deming died of hyperthermia and New died of a gunshot would to the chest.

According to  Harrison County Sheriff George Payne, the two suspects lived in the same FEMA trailer park as the victims. "Both new the subjects, the deceased. One of them provided help to the elderly male who was bedridden. It appears that they shot the woman, turned on all the burners on the stove and left, and the gentlemen had been laying in that bed," says Sheriff Payne.

Aarien Jorna Burks and William Lloyd Henderson were arrested four hours after the victims' bodies were discovered. They are both being held without bond at the Harrison County Adult Detention Facility Police continued working the crime scene Saturdayand say the investigation remains open.