Ohio Air National Guard Members Help Rebuild A Biloxi Home

As people along the coast continue to rebuild, one family got help all the way from Ohio. A group from the Ohio Air National Guard are putting aside their military duties to serve in a different way. Guard members took a break from training to help rebuild a Biloxi home Saturday afternoon.

"We're down here for two weeks of training and we've got this is our middle weekend off and we wanted to come out and help out the community," says Sgt. Rick Keller.

Sergeant Keller and 14 other volunteers spent the day clearing debris, painting and redoing the installation. Homeowner David Taylor is thankful for the work being done.

"We usually don't have this many people here at one time. We will probably get as much done here today as we would over a couple of months," says Taylor.

The Taylors have lived in the home for 12 years. So when Katrina destroyed many of the things that mean so much to the family, they turned to Bayou View Baptist Church for help. Since then, the church has sent dozens of volunteers to help.

"It makes the people that you are doing it for feel good and it makes you feel good yourself which is just a plus, a bonus," says guard member Nick Grothjan.

"For the number of people we have here and the size task that we have, this is something we can dig our teeth into and really help out," says guard member Kevin O'Brien.

The Taylor family says they are forever grateful for the Ohio Air National Guard.

"There's a lot of people on the coast that needs this assistance a lot worse than we do and we are just fortunate to have these guys come out here and help us," says Taylor.

Taylor says that he hopes to have his family moved back into their home by Easter.