Ocean Springs Launches Beautification Campaign

The lines inside TatoNut on Government Street are long each morning. People who call Ocean Springs home say you just can't bet a delicious doughnut and a hot cup of coffee.

"It is a real popular place," owner Theresa Mohler said.

But once customers walk out the door, Mohler says there's no place to sit and enjoy her tasty treats.

"We would like to see possibility of having some outside seating. Our tables, these fill up quite often."

There's also no place outside the shop to toss trash.

"We asked the mayor about three months ago if there was any possible way we can get one of the new trash receptacles they have."

The city is now ready to fulfill Mohler's wish by putting more trash cans on the streets. It's just one part of the city's new beautification campaign. They'll also help provide furniture and other amenities on the walks outside Ocean Springs shops.

"They can be the proud owners of trash receptacles, benches, ash urns, bicycle racks, planter boxes, things of that sort," Chamber Of Commerce Director Margaret Miller said.

Hundreds of trees will soon dot the streets and highways.

"There are plans to plant on Highway 609, Interstate10 and Highway 90," City Arborist David Minkler said.

City officials will also give out 5,000 small trees to citizens in March to help spruce up their yards and neighborhoods. Mayor Connie Moran says it's important to get more green throughout the city.

"Ocean Springs is a beautiful town. We have a high quality of life. One of the reasons people choose to live here is our beautiful city and we need to reflect that."

And a beautiful city also means being litter free. That's why local police and officials will now have zero tolerance for litter bugs.

"First impression are everything," Mohler said.

And Ocean Springs wants to make sure that first impression is a good one.