Fire Destroys Hancock County Home

A New Year's Eve fire destroyed a Hancock County man's home and most of his belongings.

Roy Hoover credits his dog for alerting him to the early morning blaze. Hoover managed to escape the trailer, but his pet died in the fire.

"I turned around and looked and there was smoke and flame."

Roy Hoover was getting ready for work early Monday when his dog "Skylar" got his attention.

"I had my uniform pants on and an undershirt, and I was fixing to shave. And my dog came in there barking and hollering. And I turned around and looked and I seen smoke and flames," Hoover said.

The flames quickly consumed the small trailer. Intense heat from the fire also scorched Hoover's car parked nearby.  By the time firefighters arrived, there was little remaining.

"They got out here and started pumping water on it. But there was nothing to save."

He's still trying to cope with losing everything he owned, including the pet which may have saved his life.

"I made it out. Singed my hair a little bit. But my dog didn't make it," Hoover said.

For now, Hoover is staying with family nearby. He had no insurance on the trailer or his belongings and welcomes any offers of help.

Anyone wanting to help can reach Roy Hoover at (228) 466-2554.