Definitive Plans Needed For Affordable Housing

Stone County recently rolled out the red carpet to welcome a developer to town who says he can help south Mississippi meet its pressing need for housing. Horizon is planning an 8,000 home master planned community.

If it's built, it'll probably be wonderful. The same could be said in Harrison County, where Tradition is about to build the first of 15,500 single and multi-family homes in one master planned community.

The new homes are definitely needed. But, they only solve part of our housing needs. Everybody we talk to says the bigger need is affordable housing.

Don't forget -- public housing got virtually wiped out by the hurricane. That's why we're glad to hear Biloxi's Hope Six is about a month away from finally welcoming its first tenants. This area needs to see more housing like that.

We need homes that low to moderate income families can afford. We hear plenty of talk about affordable housing. But we haven't seen definitive plans. We can't wait for the day somebody rolls out the red carpet to welcome a project that meets our affordable housing need.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV Station Manager