Biloxi Council Sets Height Restriction for Tower at Edgewater

Biloxi city leaders think they've come up with a compromise to let the proposed Tower at Edgewater go forward. Tuesday, the council voted 4-3 in favor of allowing the tower to be built up to 275 feet.

With the new restriction, developer Mike Boudreaux says he isn't sure the Tower at Edgewater would still be feasible. The 275 foot compromise would allow the Tower at Edgewater to rise about 27 stories in west Biloxi. That's much lower than the 33 stories Bodreaux originally proposed.

"A tower of 275 feet, we're not sure if it's viable at this point. We'll have to go back and do some redesigning. If, after the fact, we do the redesigning and we calculate the construction dollars are there to do it and make it profitable, we move forward. If not, we'll take a stronger look at it," said Boudreaux, President and CEO of GCID.

The planning commission originally approved 33 stories, but the city council knocked that number down to 29 last month. Just last week, Mayor A.J. Holloway vetoed that height and recommended the 275 feet cap. That would put the Edgewater development in line with the nearby Beau View condos to the west.

Boudreaux says he hopes the project will be able to move forward.

"It's not simply taking some floors off and dropping the height down. It doesn't work that way. So, there is a specific agenda we follow, sitting with the architects, engineers, literally redesign this. It might be aesthetically different than what you saw before," Boudreaux said.