Some Pascagoula Residents Want Traffic Lights To Improve Safety

"You literally have to hold your breath so you can get out of the intersection," Pascagoula Resident Wayne  Mathis said.

Which is an uncomfortable feeling for Wayne Mathis,  that is why he is not a fan of driving thru the intersection of Chico and Ingalls avenue in Pascagoula.

"You have to watch four or five different directions at one time you have a service station and there is traffic come out of there."

Paul Clark agrees. He says the roadway is more like a race track at times full of speeders zipping though the streets, with no signal lights to stop them.

"People do fly by it makes it hard for people to turn on to Ingalls Avenue."

Pascagoula Police say last year about 20 accidents occurred at this intersection.

" Some Rear enders, some backing up in the intersection, but no fatalities from the data I pulled." Pascagoula Police Captain Kenny Johnson said.

"A lot of accidents are people pulling in from the Chevron across the street and they get into traffic."

That is why Mathis and Clark are pushing the city to get a traffic light.

"Something needs to happen pretty soon before someone loses their life," Johnson said.

"We need to take the safe road, and lets just get a light up here for safety."

The proposed light would go right about here and control all three sections of traffic on Chico and Ingalls Avenue, but city officials say a light goes up they have to do some research of their own.

"We asked the Police Department to do some research which is a standard procedure they came back with a report that they need a engineer to look at it,"  Pascagoula City Manager Kay Kell said.

"We are concerned about the safety, so we are going to be following through but at this point it is given to a engineer to come back and see if it meets the criteria necessary traffic signal."

Whatever the outcome is police say nothing substitutes safe driving.

"All intersection if you have a light or not look before you go," Johnson said.