Murder Plea In Jackson County Court Case

55 year old Roger Craig Ewing pled guilty today in Jackson County Circuit Court to the March 27, 2003, murder of his wife Tina Ewing and received a sentence of life in prison. Ewing began the plea by asserting his wife's killing was an accident. "This was not an accident, this was murder," District Attorney Tony Lawrence told Circuit Judge Robert Krebs. "He fired a contact shot to her left temple."

The body of Mrs. Ewing, originally from St. Martin, was found in her house on March 31, 2003, after failing to show for work at Singing River Elementary where she was a kindergarten teacher. Lawrence told the Court the evidence showed that Mrs. Ewing came home on March 27, 2003, and found her husband in a depressed state pointing a gun at himself. She tried to console him for several hours at which point he shot her. Ewing fled to North Carolina where he was located in May of 2005 and returned. At the plea, Ewing stated that he did not remember much about the crime but that he knew Mrs. Ewing "wanted me to give her the gun." Lawrence noted for the Court that Ewing gave law enforcement three different stories before confessing to shooting her in the head.

"Mrs. Ewing touched so many people in and out of the classroom. Her murder was a loss for this community and her family. She spent her life educating our children and died doing what she did her whole life, being kind, compassionate and caring. Thankfully, with the aid of law enforcement we were able to bring Ewing to justice and provide some closure for the family," said Lawrence.