Jim Simpson Talks About Not Seeking Re-Election In The Mississippi House Of Representatives

The importance of family. That's the reason representative Jim Simpson says he will not seek re-election to Mississippi's House of Representatives. "It's just time to come home. I don't think anybody should just be a career politician. I think you should be successful in your private life and what public duty you should do should be a public service," says Simpson.With two daughters...and now five month old Gus, Simpson says he owes it to his family and his supporters to do what's best. "My father served almost 30 years and I missed him. He was gone a lot and I missed him at home. I'm trying to keep in mind what's most important in life," Simpson says.

The Simpson family has a lineage in politics. While Jim Simpson says he didn't have plans to become a part of the House of Representatives, he wasn't surprised when his name ended up on the ballot. "My grandfather was Mayor of Pass Christian, Uncle Bill who has passed away now was the deputy chief of staff in the White House for Jimmy Carter," says Simpson. His father, Jim Simpson Senior, served seven terms or 28 years in the House. That makes nearly 45 years between the two men.

Now that the younger Simpson is taking a break from the political arena, his family can't wait until he's home full time.  "He's on the road a lot and you become accustomed to...even when their not in session they are back and forth to Jackson for meetings and different things. So it will be different but it will be nice to have some help and have him home all the time," says Kendra Simpson, Jim's wife.  "The people that support me care about me and if I want to spend some time with my family and in my community they generally say that's a good thing, welcome home," Jim says.

While Simpson will not seek re-election this year he says his career in politics is far from over. He says he may return to the House of Representatives or even seek a Congressional seat.