Former NFL Players Make Annual Trip to Coast

The site of the Super Bowl changes each year, but you can bet on finding a group of tight knit group of former NFL standouts at the Isle of Capri in Biloxi each Super Bowl weekend.

Chris Bahr kicked in two Raiders Super Bowl victories.

"We've been coming down here for 12 years. It's like We've been seeing the same people for years and years," Bahr said.

Bahr, Louie Kelcher, Tom Matte, Bruce Laird, Rick Volk, and baseball great Richard "Goose" Gossage took time out to sign autographs at the Lava Bar before the game.

"It's just one of the biggest days of all time in the sports world. It's gotten so big. It's almost as if the game is an afterthought, really, even with us retired guys, I've gotten more interested in the commercials to tell you the truth," Laird said.

Laird's pal, Tom Matte, played mostly as a running back in the NFL in the '60s and '70s. He earned a Super Bowl ring and loves to reminisce about his days in the NFL, but says there are also advantages being a spectator.

"One thing is you won't hurt tomorrow," Matte said. "That's the best part. When you play in a game like that, it's so important. You give it your all because that's the ultimate objective you have as a professional athlete is to play in the big show."

And while their days of gathering in the locker room are over, these former players still have a sense of camaraderie--something they look forward to each year in South Mississippi.