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Saints Fan Settles Bet With Bears Fan In A Dress

It's a common element among football fans, betting and boasting.  

"I think both of them just got carried away," says Kay Shafer, owner of Shady's New World Cuisine. "And of course a few cold brewski's involved which is a lesson to us all of us. Be careful what you wager on when you've had a few."

So when Weird Wayne Watkins and Big Mike Austin proclaimed that losing fan of the Saints Bears NFC Championship game would escort the winning fan to the Superbowl, Kay Shafer, owner of Shady's New World Cuisine took notice.

I don't know that they realized that anyone else was listening, but I worked in casino's for quiet a few years in table games so I booked that bet."

Did we mention the part of the bet where the loser had to wear a dress and fish net stockings?  

"This would be the strangest bet I ever won," says Bears fan "Big" Mike Austin. "But I'm not going to lie, it was nerve racking."

The terms of the bet dictated that Wayne would have to escort Big Mike down one of Biloxi's busiest streets.  

"Look at my girl," says Big Mike. "Look at my girl. She's looking good ain't she."

But a bet is a bet, and this life long Saints fan wouldn't back down.  

"Being the good fan that I am and representing all the black and gold, here I am," says Weird Wayne.  "I'm representing for everybody that's proud of the black and gold for this year."  

"Who dat," yells Wayne standing in the middle of Pass Road. "Come on for the black and gold. Lets hear it for the black and gold."

Weird Wayne wasn't humiliated, but inspired, at what he says is going to be an even better year for his beloved Saints.  

"Right here on February the 4th I'm telling you," proclaims Wayne to Mike. "I'm renaming this year, 2007, officially the year of the Saints."


By Don Culpepper

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