A Pass Christian Man Goes To Great Lengths To Help Give His Friend A Home

Volunteers from Vermont and Pass Christian came out to help build a house for a Pass Christian couple who gave their lives to the city.

"I can't wait it's going to be amazing," says Asahel Cooper.  The gift was born out of a simple desire to help a long-time friend.  "I've known him for close to thirty years. He's a done a lot for my family. He's done a lot for my family when she was alive. He's done a lot for a lot of people all over Pass Christian," Asahel recalls.  He showed his friend how much he appreciated him by organizing the Conway House Project.

His sister, Elizabeth, got contractor Dan McKeen, from Vermont, on board to help build the Conways new home. "They've been very lovely to us and I show do appreciate them and I appreciate them for everything they're doing for me and God's going to bless them always," Arthur Conway says.  "They're well-deserved kind-hearted giving people They're always there when you need them and even when you don't. . They're door is always open. Their doors have been open to anyone in need nearly 30 years before Katrina," says Conway's daughter, Arlean Porche.  The couple, who's been married for 44 years, will rebuild right back where they're house once stood.  "I appreciate everything everyone has done for us. God has really been good to us. This has really been an amazing thing. I'm so grateful," says Ceil Conway. "They say they were going to make it so I'd have a nice place to live in and look at it, loo. at it. You don't see nothing like it in Pass Christian. This is one of the best days since the storm for me to see this going up and this is what I've been waiting for. And it's true, it happened," Auther Conway says.

A Mennonite church laid the foundation for the Conway House project last week.