Gulfport Police Work To Keep Roads Safe For This Weekend

As sports fans get ready to watch Sunday's big match-up on the Grid-iron, Gulfport police are getting ready to step up their game when it comes to keeping the roadways safe. They'll set up roadblocks throughout the city to keep a closer eye on drivers this Superbowl weekend and make sure Monday arrives safely for those hitting the road.

The Gulport police department is encouraging that If you're hosting a superbowl party at a private or commercial residence to have a designated driver program. Gulfport police say it's important to not to underestimate the danger on the roadways just because the superbowl isn't a holiday usually associated with driving under the influence. "The thing with superbowl weekend is that it's overlooked. Everybody expects news year's eve everybody expects certain common holidays," says Deputy Chief Alfred Sexton. Police also have some advice if you find yourself in a dangerous situation on the roads.  "If the vehicle operating erratically or is a danger to the other motorists on the road dial 911 but if it's situation where the driver is swerving or drifting back and forth then we pretty much want to leave it up to the caller. They can call 911 or the regular service number that's at 868-5959," Sergeant Damon McDaniel says.

As for the roadblocks, police say if you have a little patience and all your paperwork in order it will be a less frustrating and less dangerous superbowl weekend for everybody.  "They may last 20 minutes at a time. They may last an hour at a time. We ask people to have patience have they drive through. Have your driver's license, have your proof of insurance and we'll try to get you through as quick as we can," says Alfred Sexton.