Local Residents Respond To Favre's Announcement

"Actually, I remember when he played fifth and sixth grade ball, and up through high school and kept up with him in college some, and then when he got to the NFL we started keeping up with it pretty close. Actually, the first time he played against the Saints, I was pulling for the Saints then, but after that I pretty much became a Packer fan," says Stevie Haas, owner of the Broke Spoke, a bar nestled in the center of Bret's hometown, the Kiln, Mississippi.

Bret Favre is a household name and national football legend, but some of his most loyal fans live in his hometown and have been pulling for the NFL standout long before the national scouts noted his talents.

"He was an exceptional athlete when he was a kid, when he was a teenager. He had that throwing arm when he was thirteen years old. He'd throw a pass as far as some of the high school students," says Big Nick, a resident of the Kiln.

Throughout the years, folks at the Broke Spoke have watched Favre lead the Packers to 10 postseason appearances, six division titles, three NFC Championship games and two Super Bowls. People in the Kiln say after Friday's announcement, they have something else to cheer about, and they're looking forward to the Packers' and Favre's next season.

"I'm glad he's coming back because he plays real good football. He's got a lot left in him, and I'd hate to see him retire too early, you know. I think they'll do pretty good this year. I believe that because they've got a young team, and I think they'll do real well," Haas says.

"If they ever go to the Super Bowl again, it'll be the same, probably bigger, everybody will be grateful," said Big Nick.