Ocean Springs Clothing Plant Will Stay Open Another Year

The Swingster plant will stay open indefinitely, the plant's manager says. As a result, the Ocean Springs manufacturer may be ready to hire up to 20 of its workers back.

A Swingster executive told WLOX news on Saturday that the clothing manufacturer has found its niche. Swingster not only makes jackets, it does some distribution work. That's made it possible for the staff of 50 to keep the plant open.

That's a lot better news than what was reported in early 2001. Swingster's roller coaster ride started in February when employees were told the plant would close. In May, Swingster got a temporary reprieve. It would stay open for a few months, and 50 people would keep their jobs.

The announcement means Swingster's lease on life extends for at least another year.