Officers Setting Up Roadblocks Over Holiday Weekend

Road blocks are taking place across the Coast for the New Year's holiday. Officers say one reason these stops are so important is because more people drink and drive over the holidays.

"We'll try to make an extra special effort to keep the roads safe, and hopefully these people know we're out here, and we'll make them think twice about driving," Pascagoula Police Officer Lt. Kenny Johnson said.

Those who break the law are either taken to jail or given a ticket. Officers say they take all violations seriously.

"Insurance violations, seat belts, unrestrained children in the vehicles, open containers of alcohol, basically any violation we come across, we'll act on it," Lt. Johnson said.

"It's a safety and security issue, absolutely," Pascagoula resident Portia Harris said. "I feel very good about that."

Officers spent about eight hours checking vehicles Saturday evening. They say the road blocks are time consuming, but pay off in the end.

"We'll get a lot of drivers off the street tonight that don't need to be there," Lt. Johnson said.