Edgewater Tower Compromise Being Negotiated

There could be a compromise in the works that brings the Tower and Townhomes at Edgewater back to life.

Developer Mike Boudreaux has been told if he drops the condo down to 275 feet, he'll get the variances he needs to build the project. Boudreaux said designers are reworking condo drawings, to see if a smaller tower would be profitable.

"No question about it. We're willing to negotiate," Boudreaux said. "But once we get through with the negotiating of what it takes to develop the project, that's when we look at it financially and decide whether it's feasible or not anymore. It could be that it isn't feasible."

The Biloxi City Council initially said the Tower at Edgewater could be a 29 story building. But this week Mayor A.J. Holloway vetoed the decision, because the tower was more than 150 feet taller than city ordinances allowed.