Unsolved Murders Stump Investigators

Gulfport has the most unsolved murders;  five this year that investigators haven't been able to crack. Investigators say they are frustrated in their efforts to find who shot Sammy Williams and Timothy Magee in Magee's front yard on South Carolina Avenue. Police say they think someone knows something, but is unwilling to come forward with information about the September 12th shootings.

On Oct. 31st, someone torched a house on the corner of Texas Avenue and Harrison Street. The two people inside, 34-year old Brenda Mason and 44-year old Ronald Brock were each shot in the head before the fire. Three weeks later, officers walked nearby neighborhoods, with fliers of the victims pictures in hand, trying to jog memories and find someone who could help them track down the couple's killer.

"We've developed some pretty good leads and we need to try to gain further information and try and corroborate some of the information we're gettin'," Gulfport Assistant Police Chief Steve Barnes says.

In Hancock County, one murder has investigators stumped. Ron Tate died inside his home in the Flat Top Community. Investigators say he probably knew his killer because there were no signs of a break-in or struggle. His brother found him in the bathroom after Tate's wife was unable to reach him by phone. It took an autopsy to determine Tate was murdered.

Investigator Ronnie Cuevas of the Hancock County Sheriff's Department says, "Initially it was thought to have been an accidental fall and the reason for that of course is because of his body's proximity to the bathtub and toilet. Upon inspection, he had a very heavy head of hair and the instrument, the weapon that killed him was a 22 which made a very small hole."

The owner of a Waveland spa and her son were also shot to death. The two were found inside Kim's Oriental Spa on August 20th,  and so far police are still searching for clues that will close the case.