Vancleave Woman Calls Old FEMA Trailer An "Obstacle" To Recovery

Caroline Piller and her family couldn't wait to move back into their Vancleave home and say goodbye to their FEMA trailer.

"I was excited, because I have been here over 20 years and this is my home," Piller said.

The past seven months back home have been like a dream come true. But saying goodbye to the FEMA trailer has been more like a nightmare.

"I am frustrated. It is unbelievable, it is unbelievable. I have called them and called them, and I got nowhere."

Piller said she called FEMA every week, reminding the agency she no longer needed the trailer and wanted it removed. She got promises and excuses, but no action.

"A FEMA gentleman said he would come out and take care of it and it's still sitting here," Piller said. "Saturday they said it would be out of here in two days. I have not heard from them. I tried calling them all day yesterday [Tuesday]."

When WLOX called FEMA to ask about Pillar's trailer removal, no one wanted to talk about the problem on camera. FEMA officials did promise to send someone to Pillar's home to remove the trailer, but they could not say when that might happen.

"I want my property back. But the biggest reason is there are too many people looking for a place to live, and here is one sitting right here."

FEMA Representatives said they remove about 250 trailers a week from South Mississippi properties. If you are having maintenance problems with your FEMA trailer or need your trailer removed, call 1-866-877-6075. That number is a 24 hour hotline.