Church Seeks To Forgive After Weekend Break-In

Several burglaries in only a matter of days have Harrison County investigators searching for clues.

The latest break in happened Saturday night at Grace Baptist Church in Saucier, just off of Highway 53. When church members arrived for Sunday morning service, they got a word they were not ready to hear.

Church Member Junior Necaise says someone rummaged through the building Saturday night, stealing food and breaking into offices. The burglars even left behind obvious signs like a tool used to try and break into a file cabinet and tire tracks at the back door.

"Tried to break through the doors, but they couldn't get through the back door. It's a blessing that they couldn't get through there because they would have taken more," says Necaise.

Necaise says the burglars even removed the cover off of the breaker panel so that they could turn off all of the lights inside of the church. He also says the burglars also got into the sanctuary and stole the money in the youth collection bin. And that's what hurt the congregation the most.

"This belongs to the Lord anyhow and they just took the children's money. That's what hurt them most. But they all forgave because they know that it's God's house and He's in charge of it and He takes care of things," says Necaise.

Now, as the people of Grace Baptist Church move forward, they hope those who committed the crime will turn their lives around.

In addition to Grace Baptist Church, Fazzio's Car Wash was also burglarized. Harrison County Sheriff's Captain Ron Pullen says there are leads, and he believes investigators are close to solving the crimes.