Lemoyne Traffic Means Potential Customers

Ramsey's Auto Center on Lemoyne has been fixing vehicles for nearly 30 years.

"Let's go ahead and get this one. Put it on the driver's rear," said manager Creed Mooneyhan, directing a mechanic to install a new tire.

The additional traffic on Lemoyne, means many new customers for the car care business.

"It's been quite a bit of an increase, which is a good thing. We can all use the business. Probably at least a 20 percent increase. That's real good, real good for the area," said the manager.

It's not just established retailers drawing new customers from the increased traffic on Lemoyne. Since the storm, several new businesses have also opened on the busy boulevard.

"I'd been wanting to do this forever, so we decided just to go ahead and take the plunge," said restaurant owner David Macon.

Post-Katrina traffic on Lemoyne was a big selling point in the decision to open Samichez Restaurant.

Macon wanted to bring an authentic taste of New Orleans to the coast.

"Oh, that looks wonderful," said a hungry customer, as bowls of gumbo arrived.

"We were really in the right place at the right time coming out here. And I knew that with the bridge out and with Lemoyne Boulevard traffic being the way it was. And I saw it becoming more and more. We just decided to go ahead and do it here," Macon explained.

He hasn't been disappointed. The customer count has increased, along with the traffic on Lemoyne. As for those cars and customers disappearing when the new bridge re-opens, Macon is taking it in stride.

"I hope they wait four or five years on that bridge!" he said, laughing.

Along with the new restaurant, other new businesses on Lemoyne Boulevard include a dry cleaners, two convenience stores, a pet shop and a nail salon.