North Gulfport Sets The Standard When It Comes To Building Back "Green"

Hands clapped and voices rang out as North Gulfport celebrated a new addition to their community, one that sets the standard on the coast when it comes to building "green."

"This is a very proud day for the North Gulfport Land Trust. It is a step forward it is a milestone," says Rose Johnson, North Gulfport Community Land Trust, President and Founder.

Even some famous faces came down to join in the celebration.  Jon Miller, the voice of the San Francisco Giants and commentator on ESPN's Sunday night baseball emceed Saturday's ceremony.

North Gulfport welcomes the first environmentally-friendly modular home on the coast.

Thanks to a partnership between North Gulfport Community Landtrust and Unity Homes the modular home now sits in the heart of North Gulfport on the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. and Ohio.

From the floors to the walls, this home is all about building safer for the environment .

"The Linoleum flooring is made from linseed oil and natural jude backing...all naturally occurring materials," says Bruce Hampton, Hickory Consortium Architect.

It's also a healthier option to carpet which collects dust mites and can create problems for people with asthma.

The paint on the walls have low volatile organic compounds or VOC's which is also better for those living in the house.

"The higher they are the worse they are for the people painting and the people living in it," says Hampton.

The home is also built to save energy and features energy star appliances.

Heating and cooling units are in each room and can be controlled individually thus helping to cut down on energy use.

Compact fluorescent bulbs replace traditional light bulbs.

They can last as long 10 years while providing the same amount of light using less electricity.

No detail is left untouched, even the windows are made from 95% recycled aluminum.        They're also made to be energy efficient.

"It has a double-glazed piece of glass so it's a highly insulating piece of glass. It will keep the place cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It'll keep it warm in the winter," says Hampton.

Saving more energy means saving more money so people can focus on paying their mortgage instead of high energy bills.

Unity homes is also committed to bringing better homes to the coast but also more jobs.

The company has plans to open a factory on the coast by the end of the year some 250 people including workers who install the home.

It also projects it could produce some 500 modular homes a year.

Once the factory is in place, the cost could go down to about 85-thousand dollars and even lower with the help of grants for low income families.