Gulfport Church Breaks Ground In New Location

Sunday service at one Gulfport church was a little different than usual. While the message was one of renewed spirit, members at one South Mississippi church also got a lesson of conduct and construction.

Hundreds of members came to celebrate the ground breaking of First Baptist Church of Gulfport's new property.

"We're rediscovering that it's not where we worship in the life of a Christian but how we live our lives, how we reach out to our fellow man and love, how we obey the Lord and His commandments," says senior pastor, Chuck Register.

Nearly 40 years ago, the church was virtually destroyed by Hurricane Camille and now more than a year after Hurricane Katrina, members are trying to put their lives back together again.

"It's been challenging and it's been an opportunity. For the members, many of them have had troubles. They have lost houses and have had difficulty and they still come and worship every Sunday," says David Williams, a 20 year member of First Baptist Church.

Thelma Ward has been a member of the church for a very long time. She says the news of the destruction was unbearable for some church members.

"We just broke down and cried when we heard it. And then we we saw it, it was even worse. That was temporary. It was just like with our homes. We had not lost the most important thing, we still had the church people," says Ward.

Now there's an unbreakable bond of people who will soon have a new place for praise and worship.

The new church will be located off of the new Highway 605 about a half-mile north of 110. Senior Pastor Church Register says that they hope to be moved into the new building by Easter of 2008.